In this tutorial we will learn how to How to Make Typewriter Effect In After Effects 2020.

First thing after creating new composition, we start by typing some text on my example I’m using Arabic word so it will be from right to left.

Simply after writing whatever you want for Arabic text you will need to separate each line in single layer as after effect can’t read it in correct way when it’s Arabic, so simply put each line in single line and then, search for effect called Typewriter and apply it for each text layer alone.

Now almost we are done. Watch full tutorial here

You will need now to go to the text layer and expand it, then chose more option then animator, Range selector.

Here you will need to adjust the start option and make it start from right as we write Arabic.

Just adjust this figures and adjust the space between the key frames as you like for the speed, and you can apply the same way in all the remaining text.

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