In this tutorial we will learn how to How to Make LIGHT STROKE using adobe after effect 2020.

First thing we will need to create our composition I’m going with full HD 1920 * 1080 and 10 second.

Then take the text and type whatever you like, for me I’m writing taisseer design. After that we will create new solid by right click and chose new – solid, then we will rename it to saber and click OK.

Then make sure you are selecting the solid layer and go to effect and search for saber, it’s a free plugin from video copilot. Click here to download it.

Next step go to custom core and on core type select text layer. Then on text layer chose taisseer design.

Now we start effecting the text layer as you can see. Check here for full tutorial.

To adjust the size of the stroke simply check on core size and reduce the number as you like. In the same time, you can adjust the glow from glow bias.

Now the next step is to animate the light stroke, make sure you will be in the begging of the time line here.

Look for start offset from here you can animate the stroke line, chose what you like and press key frame then go few more second and change the number.

In this way we are done with the effect.

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