In this tutorial we will learn how to use mask in Premiere Pro 2020 the simple way.

For easy editing we are using some footage with green screen, of course if you have the green screen the keying will be easier, but on this tutorial we will cover the basic method.

First drag the footage in time line, in our case will be the door with green screen.  To start we need to play the clip until we saw the green screen start to appear the first tiny line this is where we should start masking.

Now after we get the point where to start, we will go to effect control and chose – opacity tool name (Free draw Bezier) and start drawing around the green screen.

Watch the full tutorial here

Then will chose invert from option and will continue doing that masking frame by frame till we cover the full green screen and become all of it into black.

After we finish that we are ready to replace this black screen with our footage which we chose. In my case was the sea.

Simply drag the sea view footage under the original one on the time line and play.

Now you should be able to see once the door is open the sea view from the other footage.  

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