In this tutorial we will learn how to How to Make CINEMATIC TEXT in AFTER EFFECTS 2020.

First thing after creating our new composition I’m making it full HD 1920 * 1080.

Take any footage you want you can use pictures or videos both can work.

In my example I’m writing new cinematic and using mirage font, you are free to choose anything you like, now we can start applying some effect.

Click on the text layer and go effect and search for Evaporate effect. Then we use another effect called random fade up.  To make the effect smoother we will highlight the key frame and click (F9) – Easy Ease.

And I apply shadow to all text layer, and you can play with setting as you like.

Next thing I do I will draw a line using the pen tool just draw straight line and then we will animated.

To watch the full tutorial click here

Now click on shape layer then select content and click add and chose trim paths. And now you can add key frame and animate the shape by adjusting the numbers.

And in the same way we can draw big box and apply the same steps what we do before.

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