In this tutorial we will learn how to create hologram effect using premiere pro 2020.

First of all to start this edit we need some footage:

  • You need to record yourself or the person who will be in the hologram effect and will be much easier to be using Green Screen so you can make it transparent easy or using after effect.
  • You need as well light flare picture and 3d clip you can find a lot of free footage on the web or some premium website which need subscription.


Now we start with editing, first place the main footage which the person will be coming out from 

You will take the optical flare light effect and make it vertical by effect control and rotation -90 degree, the same will be with the light clip.

Then you will need to make alignment for all the elements, and take your main clip and resize it to fit your clip. Watch the full tutorial here.

Now just readjust your clip and make everything start and finish together for easy edit. After that I need to apply some effect to my main clip to give it the look of Hologram, first one will be Color Balance (RGB) then you will need to change the numbers till you find the good color for you.

Then we will need another effect called 3D Basic this effect will help to give the main footage a 3d dimension depth and tilt.

3rd effect will be wave warp which give the feeling of digital wave in the clip and some nose to it just play with the figures till you feel okay with the final look.

Now we need to change the color of the optical flare to match the clip as we do before, will use the same effect which is Color Balance (RGB) and change with figures till it will match the main clip.

Now we will nest all the clips one by one, and chose the blending mood to screen.

Then you will need to apply a mask for the main clip which will be the person talking, and apply the mask feather to smooth the edges.

Last step is to animate each part location and scale using the motion effect panel and your hologram effect is done.

Full watch tutorial on our YouTube channel here

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