How to CLONE Yourself in PREMIERE 2020 (SIMPLE WAY) – كيفية استنساخ نفسك

In this tutorial we will learn how to clone yourself using premiere pro 2020.

What we need for this effect to work is tripod so the camera angle will be fixed and also proper lighting, for the shadow.

You can make it using your smart phone, as in my case I’m using my iPhone.

The steps:

  • Prepare your script so you know what you need to say and react to it.
  • Record the first clip and react as you are talking with your copy person.
  • Now it’s the time to record your 2nd clip and same way react to the first clip as you interacting with him/her.
  • Try to keep normal distance between your first record and 2nd one to appear more realistic.
  • After shooting both clips take them in premiere and make a gape to insert one clip inside the other – watch full tutorial here.
  • Now we take the other clip and reduce the opacity so you can see the clip beneath it
  • Now draw a mask around the subject and increase the opacity again to 100%
  • Last step you can make color correction and the finalize the clip.


Full YouTube tutorial


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