In this tutorial we will learn how to make glow portrait effect using adobe photoshop 2020

First step after downloading the picture you need and open it in photoshop, will go down in option and chose bright & contrast and digress the bright and increase the contrast.

Then will chose hue & saturation and chose the best color as you like. Then will take another effect which is level to make the picture darker.

Now after we finish these 3 effects, I will duplicate the picture and put it on top of the layer. Now I will start drawing a mask around the edges of the glass by using the pen tool (P).

Now after we finish the masking will click on image – adjustment – invert. Then will right click on the picture and chose convert to smart object.

Then I will choose again hue and saturation and chose the color I like.

Then I will duplicate the smart object layer and put it on top of the layer and choose effect – blur – gaussian blur. And choose what I like of it.

Last effect if you want you can add new empty layer and use the brush tool to make some light on the edge of the picture to give it more realistic effect.

Watch the full tutorial here.

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