In this tutorial we will learn how to extend or shorten music using adobe audition 2020.

As an editor a lot of time we face that we have nice music but the length of the music either short or longer than our actual clip. In this case we need to adjust it with more easy and fast way using adobe audition.

To start just open adobe audition and drag & drop the music file or go to file open and select the music file.

After that, click on the top left corner which say multitrack and drag the clip on the editor.

Then you will find on the left side properties and click on remix and click on enable remix then adobe audition will start to analyze the clip then you can just put the length you need for it which is Target Duration  (here you can put how many min and second you need for it) .


After this process is done your clip is ready to export you will notice a small zigzag line drawing on the voice wave form this is indicating the point where the cut is made it.


Last step is to export this file in premiere pro file for editing, first go to file export – export to adobe premiere pro and chose where you want to save the file and click export.

Now premiere pro will be open and give you option to copy this track to a new audio track just click ok. 

And now you new track is already placed with the exact length.

You can watch the full tutorial here

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