About Me

My name is Taisseer, I love Design & Travelling. Since I was in school, I love art and music and I used to make some videos in my school.

Later on, when I start working in different field my second job was in Sales & Marketing, which I knew nothing about it that time. Till one day when my manager asked me to make a design for business card and brochure, it was so hard for me that time, as I don’t have any professional designing experience.

 Yes, I was using Photoshop 7 back then, but it was my hobby. Since that time, I start learning and I felt this is my real path in life.

I love designing, photography, web design and video editing. I try to experience anything new related to art and design, including motion graphic, 3D animation and much more.

Join me on my journey, to find the latest updates about graphic & video editing.

I always try to challenge myself, and be the best version of myself, day after day, I know I didn’t reach to that level yet, but  I’m surely believe that one day soon I will reach to my goal.

Some of my Hobby & Interests:

  • Video Editing.
  • Graphics Design & VFX.
  • Swimming & Travelling.
  • 3D Animation & Modeling.

This is in short small thing about me, it will be my pleasure to know more about you.

Feel free to get in touch.