In this tutorial we will learn how to make our edit faster using some trick in premiere pro 2020.

The first trick is Drag & Drop:

This trick to arrange your work flow before starting editing what you need to do is arrange everything in folder outside premiere then just select them and drag the folder itself and everything inside it will be arrange as you arrange it before.

And also you can label each folder with different color for easy arrange – just right click and chose label and chose the color you want.

2nd trick is Master Clip Effect:

We all need to adjust the color grading of our footage and it will be really hard if you will chose clip by clip to apply all the color grading you have done before.

The simple way is to apply the color grading to the master clip (which all the cuts come from it) and then all the effect will be apply to all the rest without needing from you to apply for each one separately.

To do that simple click on the name of the clip and start making your changes from effect control or color tap.

And the other way I would like to share with you, is making new adjustment layer and apply some color correction to it and drag it to the whole length of the clip.

3rd trick Adjustment layer:

This is the same what I explain in the previous one simple way to make color correction for the whole clip at once. Just drag the full layer to cover the video till the end and then you can apply some Luts if you have any or the default ones which come with premiere.

4th Trick Quick Copy:

This one very simple but very helpful what you need to do is selecting the clip you need to copy, and click + hold the Alt key on keyboard and drag the clip. This way you will have copy of it.

Watch the full tutorial here.

5th Trick Select All:

This is very helpful when you have very complicated edit like sound effect, lower third, luts and a lot of cuts. When you want to add something in between them, the simple and easy way is clicking (A) on your keyboard you will see the arrow become two arrow toward the right.

Meaning everything in front the arrow will move to the right. If you want it to the lift simple click

(Shift + A).

6th Trick Drop Shift:

When you forget to put one clip in between some edit the simple and easy way is clicking Ctrl and drag your footage between the rest of the footage and premiere pro automatically will make a space in between to put your footage.

you can watch the full tutorial here

7th Trick Locking the Layers:

This trick is very helpful to avoid cutting something you don’t need, for example if you want to cut clips without effecting the sound track under it. Simply click on the lock icon which will lock the audio track so anything you will do later will not affect the track.

8th Trick is Proxies:

When you are editing 4K footage or 6K this trick will be very handy specially if your work station not that strong or even if it is, still using this method will be so good. Proxies is simply taking your 4K footage and re-render them in low quality which will allow you to edit them easier, but when you are done with your work. The final render will be with the highest quality which is 4K or 6K.

To that, first make sure your Toggle Proxies is enabled. Now select all your footage which you want then right click and chose Proxies – create Proxies. You can leave the default setting and click OK.

Then you will see Media Encoder Open and start rendering the clips with low resolution.

9th Trick Queue Option:

This is trick will allow you to render your footage in Media Encoder and continue editing in premiere pro

So, you will not waste time waiting. Simple click Ctrl + M then chose Queue.

10th Trick Fast Cut:

Simply click on Q so the left side from the clip will be cut – or W so the right side will be cut.

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